Hardwood flooring has a classic beauty and works in almost any situation from a more traditional setting to
modern contemporary.  This is a versatile flooring that can lend warmth and beauty to a room becoming a main focal
point or fade completely into the background to become an accent for different furnishings.  Hardwood can also raise
the resale value of your home and creates a healthy environment, minimizing the risks of dust allergies.  Come in and
see the myriad of samples from a multitude of manufacturers.  We'll help you find exactly what you're after!

Our Stock Hardwood
Hardwood is one of today's most popular flooring options.  We stock several different choices of hardwood, allowing us
to offer faster installation to our customers.  Take a look at these in-stock samples.

Hardwood Construction
There are two basic types of hardwood flooring - solid (unfinished and prefinished) and prefinished engineered.  

Caring for Your New Hardwood Floor
Although your prefinished hardwood floor has several coats of factory applied polyurethane that offer higher durability
and easier maintenance, it is not indestructible.  Here are some important tips to help keep your hardwood floor looking

  • Sweep or vacuum (being sure to use the hard surface attachment of your vacuum) regularly to prevent dirt and
    abrasive dust from accumulating and scratching the finish.
  • Place doormats outside and rugs inside every entrance to catch and hold debris and prevent scratching.
  • Place a rug in front of the kitchen sink and dishwasher to protect against dropped utensils and water or detergent
  • Use felt floor protector pads under all furniture to ease their movement and prevent scratching.
  • If you have furniture with plastic or narrow casters use felt protectors or replace them with rubber casters.
  • When moving heavy furniture pick it up or place a rug wrong side up and slide the rug.
  • Keep high-heeled shoes in good condition and pets' nails trimmed.
  • Quickly wipe up all spills as the water will be absorbed quickly and can do damage to the finish and/or the wood.
  • Protect your floors against direct sunlight or intense artificial light.  Over time exposed surfaces will become
    discolored.  The lighter the color of wood, the more apparent this will be.
  • The relative humidity level in your home must be maintained between 40% and 50% year round.
- In the summer when humidity as its highest the wood absorbs the moisture and expands.  This
makes the wood strips push against one another causing "cupping".  Using a dehumidifier will help
prevent this condition.
- In the winter when the heat is on the humidity level in the house will drop, causing the wood to
contract or shrink.  Small gaps will appear between the wood strips.  Using a humidifier will put
moisture back into the air and help prevent any shrinkage.

Just remember, your new hardwood floor's worst enemies are water, soap and sand.  Vacuum (using your vacuum's
hardsurface attachment) or sweep regularly and don't use a wet mop or commercial soaps.  All you need is a damp
cloth and the care products recommended by the manufacturer.
Specialty Woods
Solid Hardwood
Unfinished solid hardwood is sold in non-varnished, rough strips with a wide variety of species, grades and widths
available.  The cost of the strips is generally lower, but then you have to pay the cost of getting the wood finished
(sanding, staining, etc.)  This is a time-consuming process and we suggest that residents may wish to stay
somewhere else while this is done due to the curing process.  It generally sanded, stained and finished.  There is
a full array of wood species in a range of grades, colors, sizes and finishes to blend with any decor.  Prefinished,
solid hardwood is quick and easy to install and residents can utilize the floor immediately.

Engineered Hardwood
Prefinished engineered hardwood is made up of a hardwood top surface, called the wear layer, glued onto a
plywood base.  This is not to be confused with laminate flooring, which is made of laminated planks that only
LOOK like wood and finished with a polymer coating.  Developed for installation in areas with variable humidity
levels, engineered flooring is MORE STABLE THAN SOLID WOOD.  This type of flooring can be glued directly
onto concrete, an acoustic underlay, or even a subfloor with radiant heating.
American Home Gunstock
American Home Natural
Bamboo Country
Cork Eco Earth
Hickory Natural
Maple Auburn
Oak Arizona Engineered
Oak Sierra Engineered
Bamboo Forest
Since the early 1900's cork has been used as surface flooring.   It comes
from the bark of a cork oak tree - a completely renewable resource that is
environmentally friendly.   Cork floors have a warm, comfortable, resilient
surface that is gentle underfoot, is anti-microbial, naturally flame resistant
and is inherently resistant to molds and mildews, making it an excellent
choice for those with allergies.   It is also resistant to over 40 species of
insects (including termites)!

Cork provides a comfortable cushion underfoot because it gives when
compressed, but it bounces back, so recovery from marks caused by
furniture will leave minimal residual indentation that is less noticeable than
wood, carpet or vinyl flooring.   That same resilient quality is responsible for
providing a warm surface for any room.   Cork floors inhibit the conduction of
sound and reduces impact noise, making it an excellent choice for multi-level
housing, office spaces and places of worship.

Cork is a very durable flooring.   Sweeping and cleaning using a hardwood
floor cleaner is all that is necessary for regular maintenance.   A new coat of
polyurethane will rejuvenate a tired floor that has begun to show signs of
wear but a well-maintained cork floor will last for decades!

Come by our showroom and view our broad range of Cork flooring
samples.   One of our sales staff will be glad to give you more information
and help you select just the right style!
Bamboo Flooring
Bamboo is grown in many regions of the world, especially in warm
climates where the earth is kept moist with frequent monsoons.   
Twenty percent of the world's bamboo grows in China and much of
that is in the wild.   Due to today's increasing demand, it is being
cultivated more and more in managed forests.   It is a member of the
grass family and, like grass, when it is cut, the root system survives
and regenerates quickly.   The versatility and fast regeneration
make it an excellent choice for customers who desire a natural look
while remaining environmentally concienscious.  Sweeping and
cleaning using a hardwood floor cleaner is all that is necessary for
regular maintenance.  Come to our showroom to see our display of
beautiful bamboo flooring options.
Cork tree after harvest
Layers of the Cork Tree
Mirage Hardwood Display
Bamboo Display
Eastern Hardwoods Display
Natural Cork Display
Virginia Vintage Display
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