Early's Carpet is proud to offer what few retailers can.   Our "Clean Team" is certified to help maintain your
warranties and the life of your purchases by cleaning them, using manufacturer recommended methods.

Before We Begin...
Before our technicians begin any cleaning process, all materials, fibers and fabrics are tested to ensure it
receives proper treatment, from a natural stone to an oriental prone to dye bleeding.

Carpet, Upholstery and Fabrics
Our IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified technicians have been
trained to safely and thoroughly clean all carpet, including wool.  They are trained and equipped to clean your
upholstery, even the delicate fabrics, either in your home or here in our shop.  Carpet and fabric have the fiber
protection applied during manufacturing.  Over time, with normal wear and cleaning, that protection can become
minimal.  We are able to re-apply fiber protection as well.

Area Rugs and Orientals
Bring in your area rugs and orientals and our technicians will give them the delicate cleaning treatment many of
them require.

Stain and Odor Specialists
We have tools in our arsenal that will allow us to remove many of those "impossible" stains (paint, grease, tar,
red wine, kool-aid, etc.).  We are able to treat urine stains to improve the look of the stain, if not remove it, and
destroy the odor.

Water Restoration
We are now also certified in Water Restoration.  We have the knowledge to address water issues from a sink
overflow to a flooded basement.  We offer around the clock response!  The best way to ensure minimal damage
is to act as quickly as possible.  We possess some of the newest advancements in drying technology - heat
drying!  We will work with your insurance company and document the entire restoration process with photos and
psychometric measurements.  A flood loss is a huge inconvenience - let us take care of the details for you.  We
offer drying, tear out when necessary, flooring replacement and even reconstruction.  We can handle it all.

Did You Know:
Document Reprocessors has the ability to restore all your documents, photographs and books following a
flood?  They even offer,
FREE of CHARGE, the freeze-drying of your family bible!  Click on their name for their
information.  Just put your wet documents into freezer bags, seal them up and put them in the freezer.

VCT Strip and Polish
We have the tools and the knowledge to strip down that dingy VCT and restore it to a like-new condition.  

Stone and Ceramic - Care and Restoration
If your ceramic is starting to look dull or your grout just doesn't look as good as it used to, call us!  We can take
care of that for you, too!  We can clean up your tile and grout and then seal it to prevent the majority of future

Does your marble have what looks like water spots?  Chances are, its etched.  We have the tools and training
to restore luster to your marble - no harsh chemicals needed!

Air Duct Cleaning
We offer new, innovative technology to clean your HVAC air ducts and dryer vents.  You can add this on while
we are already in your home cleaning, or have us come out just for this service.
Cleaning and Water Restoration
Click here to see cleaning before and after images.